Self – Awareness is an addiction. I say so – because – most of us go through life – facing disappointments, trying to surmount challenges which are perhaps not our battles to fight. If only – we were a bit more self – aware.

Let me explain – if we chose our careers based on our strengths and not based on market demands – perhaps – fewer of us would be out of jobs. We would be doing – what we do best. Though naysayers say that I am too much of an idealist in this matter. There is a higher probability that this generation of millennials would be able to live their dreams – primarily because they are more self – aware. I met a few students recently – passing out of their 10th standard – all of them clear – on what course they want to pursue and how it is an extension of their strengths and interests.

Self – awareness means being conscious of one’s strengths, weaknesses, desires and motives. And these keep changing. And how do we become self – aware – our experiences, our reactions to situations, the feedback we receive from those we trust and of course – psychometrics!

If I knew my strengths and my weaknesses, I would choose jobs that would utilise my strengths and I would surround myself with people who help in filling up my weakness. My chances of success are higher – when I play on my strengths – like Sachin Tendulkar batting and not trying to act in movies, Amir Khan acting and not trying to play cricket! Success pushes up the adrenaline – making me feel better and happier. And Yes, I start feeling a sense of control on my destiny.

Well – you can also experience this – when you play our game based assessment. Try it out. These assessments are now available for all (above 16 years of age). The player will understand their strengths and weaknesses by just playing a game on an app. And yes – its available for retail purchase. Please write in to know more.

Next week – we are launching our certification program for using game based assessments. Will share more details on that soon.