Learning & Development

Learning & Development aims to improve group and individual performance by increasing and honing skills and knowledge. It forms part of an organisation’s talent management strategy. Learning & development is designed to align group and individual goals with their potential and  the organisation’s overall vision and goals.

How can a L&D program help your organisation grow?

Our Learning and development programme can help you:

  • Improve business performance, productivity and efficiency – helping gain a competitive edge
  • Improve employees’ skills and knowledge – for their current job role
  • Increase employees’ generic skills – i.e. employ-ability skills or key competencies (e.g. team work, problem solving, communication)
  • Organisational development – i.e. the fostering of shared attitudes and values, change, management, etc.
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Clear employee career development
  • Increase in employee motivation

Our Approach

We use a comprehensive approach from identifying gaps to formulation of training plans while maximizing scarce resources.

  • Identify gaps
  • Define training objectives
  • Specify target learning groups
  • Articulate training methodology
  • Formulate L&D plan
  • Facilitate training delivery
  • Evaluation of feedback and training effectiveness
  • Providing “nudge nuggets” – These are our proprietary tools that we provide to participants in order to help them adopt a change into their life.

Consulting Solutions

Develop your organization culture & people processes using our unique OD tools.