Define Organisation Work Levels

Organisational design needs to be in line with capabilities of the individual-in- role.

The structure of an organization directly impacts the overall effectiveness and ultimately the success of such an organization. The number of layers required in any given hierarchy is a product of the organization’s mission (Jaques, 1989).

Why do we need to look at Organisation Work Levels?

We are one of the few organizations in India with the capability to run a complete study on work level definitions. The primary reasons why work levels play crucial role in organisational effectiveness are:

  • Increase intra-departmental and inter-departmental efficiencies
  • Improve operational effectiveness
  • Improve company scalability
  • Become innovative and resilient
  • Stay relevant to the market

Able Ventures  conducts a detailed organisational analysis, using a business diagnostic process that can help organizations understand their performance, look for problem areas, identify opportunities, and develop a plan of action for improving performance.

Our Approach

Our Work level definition is based on the classical “Stratified Systems Theory” & “Requisite Organisation Theory” By Sir Elliot Jacques. We use a eight factor model to size up jobs & define work levels.

  • Budgets
  • People Impact
  • Work Content
  • Competencies
  • Types of decisions
  • Frame of reference
  • Time span of discretion
  • Decision making process

Consulting Solutions

Develop your organization culture & people processes using our unique OD tools.