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Leadership Development Programs

Strong leaders lead to strong businesses; we help you build a solid foundation for your existing and future leaders.

Leadership Development Programs

Thinking Big

Help you and your team look at the big picture, unravel innovative ways of setting big goals and action planning on how to achieve them.

Key Benefits for the organization:

  • Take your business strategies to the next level
  • Get your employees to fuel their ambitions
  • Learn how the employees can align to grow and build the business

Strategy & decision making

Master leading a team or a company to success by making critical decisions, giving sound advice, and evaluating the decisions of others..

Key Benefits for the organization:

  • Develop a practical understanding of what drives your decision making style and that of others.
  • Gain access to easy-to-use rules that help challenge assumptions, support smarter decision-making processes, and build exceptional teams.
  • Learn how to make better decisions, apply efficient processes, and deliver consistent results.

Executive Leadership Program for Executives / Senior or Top Management

Interpret how to communicate strategy, negotiate skillfully, influence team behaviors, and deliver results and challenge yourself to think differently.

Key Benefits for the organization:

  • Improve your organization’s ability to deliver value to customers.
  • Lead authentically and ethically at all levels and foster a culture of accountability across the organization.
  • Build confidence in yourself as both a leader and a decision-maker.

Team leadership

Learn the skills to structure, measure and tune team performance and also become a leader who equips your teams with the skills and capabilities to deliver world-class results.

Key Benefits for the organization :

  • Develop your ability to organize and lead teams to produce extraordinary results.
  • Learn how to create the conditions for success in teams.
  • Integrate leadership characteristics into your management style, and minimize communication breakdowns.

Business leadership

Increase your knowledge and master the “how-to’s” of leadership and effectively handle day-to-day people issues.

Key Benefits for the organization:

  • Create a business climate that embraces change and encourages innovation, increase bottom line growth and productivity.

Young leaders program

Grow from a specialist to a management position and easily adapt to the higher expectations and demands of the role and prepare you for a future career as an Innovative, committed and effective leader.

Key Benefits for the organization:

  • Develop your own personal leadership style.
  • Strengthen personal and social skills.
  • Improve collaborative and communications skills.

Transformational leadership

Empower teams to grow and work together, envision the future, embrace change, maximize performance, and become the transformational leaders of the future.

Key Benefits for the organization :

  • Develop authentic leadership qualities that motivate and drive others to reach their full potential.
  • Manage change and complexity in a way that is convincing to others.
  • Lead effectively with your own style.

Emotional Intelligence

Put the theory of emotional intelligence into practice, by taking the opportunity to explore and understand better your own emotions and try out different ways of building rapport and connecting with others.

Key Benefits for the organization :

  • Enable participants to identify specific areas in their own EQ Leadership.
  • Identify and understand how aspects of emotional intelligence lead to derailing behaviors.
  • Explore key areas of leadership in relation to emotional intelligence.

Leadership program for new managers

Handle various communication and leadership challenges faced by becoming a new manager by addressing the challenges that new leaders face, change your mindset, and give yourself the confidence with proven strategies and tools that are used by the most successful leaders.

Key Benefits for the organization :

  • Identify and utilize your unique leadership style
  • Understand the attitudes and abilities of your employees, give proper feedback
  • Be a good coach, build and maintain an effective team, and motivate.

Success Stories

  • Smita Dinesh has created our development resource guide for 21 leadership competencies across various managerial levels. This development resource guide is currently being used by all employees of L &T Infotech. We appreciate the quantum of effort that has gone in creating this huge repository of resources

    Sharda Subramanian, Head – Leadership Development, L&T Infotech

  • Able Ventures have been our preferred partner for the Edelweiss Private Banker Program. They have played a pioneering role, right from conception of the program, strategy definition to the execution of this program. Able Ventures shares our vision in bringing innovativeness and an entrepreneurial mindset to everything they do. We thank Able Ventures for making this program a resounding success.

    Anshu Kapoor, Head, Private Wealth Management, Edelweiss Capital

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