The traditional application-screening-and-interview paradigm is passe.

Assessments are no longer about situational judgment tests or multiple choice questions.

It doesn’t help when you hire volumes. It doesn’t help when you want the right fit candidate.

We are disrupting this traditional paradigm.

You can now identify potential based on how the candidate plays our game – Cosmic Cadet.

Ask your candidate to play our app based game, and we will generate his psychometric profile. We will tell you specifics about the candidate

  • Risk taking ability
  • Decision making skills
  • Ability to connect with others socially
  • Problem solving skills
  • Detail orientedness
  • Resilience and many more traits.

I will let you into a little secret – “ it not about the score….its about how the game is played.”

What’s more ? We are giving out full game with report for a fees of Rs.2500 /-. And it comes with a money back guarantee –if you sign up for minimum 100 tests or if you disagree with the report insights.

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