upward delegation

Here’s a story you will relate to,

Sarah is a great manager or at least that’s what she thought. She spends all her time helping her team. Some are issues involving fire – fighting, while others are more to do with approvals. She does a fantastic job of rescuing her team from the troubles 

The more she helps, the more she hears calls for ‘help’. Inundated with requests from her team to help them out, she soon realizes that her team was operating on one clear motto – ‘when in doubt, delegate – upwards’

While there could be multiple issues that people face because of which they delegate upwards, many research studies point out that most organizations lack good problem solvers.

Imagine a day, where Sarah’s team members solve their problems or come to her with alternative solutions rather than a problem. 

What if,

  • They could come up with better ideas,
  • Identify the best alternatives,
  • Define the most optimal solution. 

This is the experience of the 100 participants who have enrolled with us in the past two weeks. 

Spread across 8 days for an hour a day, our problem – solving skills are like the daily Vitamin L (learning) – that has benefited them a lot. 

Here are some great testimonials:

“I was under the view that only face to face session would be really effective. But its indeed good to have such online training program which is very informative.”

“Good presentation styles of the trainer with lots of opportunities for everyone to be interactive during the session with the tools such as Menti.com, Miro.com, surprise test etc. was an excellent approach. This has made the session really enjoyable and informative course.”

“I would like to mention that there are lot of things to take away from such a wonderfully practical course both in personal and professional front.”

Get your team to learn problem solving skills. 

Enroll them into the course today and make them a ‘Problem Solving Yoda’. Here’s the link for the registration. Individuals or small teams can also enroll for the same.