It has been a ritual of sorts for me to note down my reflections after every coaching & training session. These reflections range from infra, tech, people, content, design, learning value for the participants, interaction and more. The most important is my satisfaction after the program.

While some learners are more of prisoners (in their mind), some come as vacationers, some as experts and very few as explorers. Let me explain: 

  • Prisoners – are in the program because someone up there nominated their name
  • Vacationers – take the training program as a time off from the drudgery of work
  • Experts – claim to “know it all” from the very word “go”
  • Explorers – A rare variety who come with an open mind, wanting to learn something new.

While the ratio can be anybody’s guess, usually there are very few explorers. So, imagine my delight, when I come across a bunch of participants who are all explorers – eager to learn, punctual, curious, asking the right questions, participating and completely engaged. 

Added to this is what my daughter calls ” first time in forever” – a video from all of them – thanking us and highlighting what they learnt.

While Ekalavya is revered for offering his thumb to his guru, nothing in the world can be more gratifying than a neatly edited video with each participant sharing their learning. I for one, was moved to tears.  

Here’s the video that our client Workline shared with us.  

The program – X Factor was run as a daily learning module for 1 hour. Long after the program got over, my heart skips a beat at 6 pm as that was the learning time with Workline. 

Money, recognition, fame for trainers, coaches, teachers, facilitators is a by-product. 

The real value is in the value derived by the learner. 

And this video says it all. Kudos to Workline team for being an explorer through and through. 

Here’s an excerpt from a poem:

“Happiness comes not from having much to live on

But having much to live for

Success never resides in the world of weak wishes

But in the palace of purposeful plans and prayerful persistence.

May the Workline team succeed in every endeavour.”

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