Hybrid Workplace

I advertised on a housing website 15 days back as my tenant was shifting out. 10 days went past and there were no calls. 

Worried, I spoke to my contact there who said, “ Market is down as many tenants have gone back to their hometowns and are working from home.”

That day WFH took a sinister form for me personally but it sunk “home” that this indeed seems to be a new normal.

We’re all remote. We’re just not doing it the right way.

Laurel Farrer, Remote Work Strategist.

Companies are announcing their workplace strategies like :

“Don’t come to office till mid 2021.”

“25-50% of employees will permanently WFH.”

“3 days at homes and 2 days will be at office.”

“We are part of essential services so nothing has changed for us.”

Out of 464 Million employed in India, the biggest change could be for those in the IT, ITES and financial services .But most are employed in retail services and agriculture which can never be done remote.

This pandemic has forced all industries to look closely at pros & cons of WFH.

This will lead to a Hybrid Workplace to evolve in 2021

So how is your company changing ?

And what challenges do you see ? 

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