“Hi , I am Raju”, said my colleague …. I was not clear on how to interact and respond to this new colleague of mine who had joined in our compensation team

Because , Raju is my Robot colleague who has been brought in – to improve efficiency of our processes. The biggest question was – Will he take my job away from me ???

More like an Asimov story – our Initial reaction would be – this is too far off or better still – This won’t happen to me !

But if you look around – there seems to be some form of AI making inroads into every company – maybe as a machine now but … potentially your coworker in the future

As this transformation is taking place rapidly the elephant in the room is – how would humans and robots coexist as workers and are our jobs safe ?

So definitely some jobs will get redundant.

Our skill sets will start to be focused on being complementary & not competing with robots. So for example we don’t need to remember more facts than Google but we will definitely have more empathy and compassion than any AI ever can.

Start being aware of what is happening in your workplace today and building those complementary skills NOW !!!

So what do you think are those skills which AI couldn’t replace for a long time ??