It’s that time of the year when you would be preparing for your campus recruitments. You would have all your checklists and materials ready by now. You would have your assessment tools and interview formats ready and would have your back end team all geared up for the analysis and reporting that would follow post these rounds of interviews.

You have been conducting these campus recruitments for the past several years. So have all the other companies. But what is it that you want these B School graduates – who have no prior exposure to any organization – want to come work with you? What is the first impression of your organization that you want these students to have?

In this day and age where everything and everyone has gone digital, do you still prefer to go the traditional way in assessing before hiring? Most traditional psychometric assessments manifest in the form of personality surveys, ability tests, and situational judgement tests. But as the competition for talent increases, so does the need to keep them engaged and interested in your organization.

This is where Game Based Assessments (GBA) come in. GBA is the latest buzz in the recruitment space. The key benefits of using GBA:

  1. Get rich insights into candidates’ abilities, behaviours and preferences by collecting multiple data points.
  2. Enhance your employer brand by adopting innovative assessments.
  3. Reduce recruitment TAT by 35% ( approximately)
  4. Use of strong, well-established psychometric properties ensures a more deeper and objective assessment; candidates are less able to fake or distort their responses.
  5. Accurately select and hire the best talent

So what are you waiting for? Try this out and see the accuracy for yourself.

Able Ventures, in collaboration with Arctic Shores is proud to present this world of GBA to you.

To try out Game based assessment write to me at or call me on 9833178494/ 9677148864.