Here’s a story about Mr. Gupta. He has been eating at the office canteen since a long time. Earlier, it was because his wife also had to go for work leaving no time for either of them to make lunch. After the kids were born, Mrs. Gupta was so busy packing the lunch for the kids that she assumed Mr. Gupta would continue eating merrily at the office canteen. Mrs. Gupta was actually happy that her husband was eating at the office canteen – as the canteen offered a choice of diet food.

But here’s the twist – though diet food was available, Mr. Gupta ended up eating his staple diet which consisted of the normal Indian thali. He was aware that he was putting on weight; there was no time to exercise and absolutely no way he could regulate food intake. He came to the canteen when he was famished and he looked at the board displaying all kinds of food. The first item on the menu usually caught his fancy – and “whoosh” – all intentions of eating diet food vanished.

One day, along came Saloni. She was a new management trainee hired in the HR team. She had been given a challenge which nobody seemed to have solved in the organisation – Getting employees to stay healthy & happy – the ever – delusional goal.

She soon figured that no number of apps, posters, talk shows, yoga classes were helping beyond a point. Sustainability of health consciousness was the key & she had to discover the magic formulation for that.

Then came Mr. Richard Thaler in her life, the Nobel laureate for Economics this year. He, along with his group of researchers, had figured a way of looking at consumer behaviour and psychology. His research on ‘choices’ had altered views of people like Theresa May. Some time back, based on his ‘Nudge Theory’, May had announced an ‘opt out’ policy for organ donation where it is presumed that people wished to donate their body parts unless they state otherwise. This had helped the government in changing behaviour.

Well, being a smart management trainee that she was, Saloni did something which helped many of her colleagues lead a healthier life. If you are curious to know what that was, please write to me at

I have been interested in behavioural economics since many years now. It has helped us make better choices at home (or so I believe) and immensely benefited some of our clients and partners. But before we try and understand others, we need to look at ourselves first – our own beliefs, manifested behaviours and unconscious thoughts.

Our game based assessments help you understand all this and more in a ‘dopamine’ inducing way. Here’s a choice you have:

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