Imagine this – you have an important meeting lined up. The next few minutes will be “the” defining moments for your career. Your mind has to be alert and sharp. You have some time before the meeting starts. You can go for a quick 15 minutes jog or you can opt for 15 minutes of meditation.

What preparation will you opt for to ensure your mind is in ‘top gear’?

Here’s a study on how exercise / meditation affects our brain. 101 participants were asked to share how energetic they were feeling before being asked to complete a cognitive test. Next, they asked half the students to go for a 15 minutes jog and the others to spend the same time following a group relaxation exercise. After the jog and meditation, they were asked how they were feeling and repeated the cognitive tests.

The students who went for a jog had better scores on cognitive test and also shared feeling more energetic than the meditation group.

Turns out, that you would be better off with a 15 – minute jog / brisk walk if you are facing anxiety.

Here’s the science behind this. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins that act like stress busters; they release triggers in our body similar to morphine; reduce your sense of pain and anxiety.

When you meditate, your body releases serotonin that acts like an anti-depressant; it makes you feel significant and important; reduces loneliness and depression.

Such insights into neuroscience and psychology can actually help us lead better lives.

And – that’s why we say -“realizing potential & finding happiness”- are no longer elusive matters. Write in to us to know more about our assessments, training and coaching programs. At Able Ventures, we help realize potential