During my experience of the past decade, I have come across many hiring managers who conduct more than 50-60 interviews a day. This implies – even with 10 working hours , 10 interviews an hour , which means 10 minutes a candidate. Is it even possible to assess a candidate’s ability to perform in 10 minutes ?

The traditional approach of assessing candidates is soon going to turn obsolete. In the past 2 years, many fortune 500 companies have started adopting better, more sophisticated and technologically advanced methods for hiring candidates.

One of the methods which is often cited across the world and now brought to India by Able Ventures is Game Based Assessments.

Game based assessments are being used to screen candidates that meet organisation’s minimum requirements before the interview stage. This is essential in today’s competitive environment, with hundreds of applicants for a job.

Here are three reasons , why you will say “yes” to Game Based hiring :

  1. Capture : Candidates intuitively react to in-game challenges leaving behind a digital fingerprint of over 3000 data points. Its not about what the candidate prefers to do; Its about what he actually does.
  2. Combine: Big data analytics combine thousands of in-game actions to form meaningful psychological variables
  3. Compare: Candidate traits are compared to large norm group or employer specific benchmarks

The reports are incisive and precise. Write in to me at smita@ableventures.in and I would be happy to share a sample report.