When I stepped into my friend’s home after a long time – I 

was amazed at the transformation;

A cluttered house since 2007 – I would usually search for a 

small space to sit on the sofa ( since it was filled with knick-knacks), find only spoons when all I needed was a knife in the

kitchen and the list goes on;

Fast forward to 2020 – the sofas were empty – waiting for 

someone to sit on them, no clutter – no paper trail of the

 food ordered last night, no beds to be made – I was shocked

 to see the transformation – everything in its place and a 

place for everything

When I looked at her inquiringly ; here’s what she said – “ If 

you want something new, many times you have to stop 

doing something old”

Most often we get used to doing the same things, following 

the same routines, making the same mistakes, experiencing

the same kind of successes – aren’t we limiting our potential 

by sticking to our old habits, by not changing our point of 

view , by not reflecting enough about where we are 


So did you throw out any “OLD” you for something “NEW” 

especially this year which has been so different for all of us ? 

Please do share your story and inspire us !!!