Perseverance, resilience, never-give-up attitude – these are traits which are critical to most jobs and are frequently mentioned in the desired qualities for candidates. We all know that resilience is our ability to spring back into shape, our capacity to recover quickly from difficulties.

Akhil, our HR Superhero, had asked all the typical questions that should be asked. In fact, he was proud of himself for asking more probing questions to understand the resilience of this batch of fresh graduates.

Having resilience would enable these graduates to recover quickly from setbacks. Most managers are chronically busy, with too much to do in too little time. Although coaching is part of the role, managers don’t want to be bogged down constantly intervening in minor problems. Low-maintenance employees who resolve issues independently will invariably be appreciated.

Akhil , like his boss – always valued employees who’d come to him with solutions, not problems – and he knew other managers did too. However, he was surprised when after 6 months, 50% of the fresh graduates hire was ready to move on to new organizations. The most cited reasons were lack of organization support. Akhil had set clear expectations with this batch at the time of hiring. He remembered outlining the challenges they would face at work. Then the question is – did he hire the wrong set.

Many of us face this concern. We want to hire for resilience but the only evidence we use to help us take this decision – is the candidate’s own version of what he did in the past and we invariably depend on our ability to judge this trait.

Its time to use scientific evidence to validate such data points. Our Game based assessments – test the candidate’s ability to persevere; in the game he needs to depend on his natural insitinct when dealing with set backs, when solving seemingly difficult problems. Our app based game captures 3000 data points in 20 minutes of play.

I invite you to try the game and first check for yourself – how resilient are you ? The first 20 requests that we receive this week – would receive a free trial. Please write in to me : or call me on 9833178494 /9677148864