How many times do we send our employees to fancy training programs, only to see them fall back to their old routines when they come back? Trainings come in all shapes and sizes nowadays – some trainings are boring & lecture driven, some are glamorous, charging you up with images and ideas and some are just simply great fun.

Time & again it has been proven that learning doesn’t always happen in a classroom. In fact, research on learning shows that even within an hour, people can forget 50% of the information.

A team of specialists at Google decided to overcome this challenge. They used micro-learning mechanism based on behavioural science and nudge theory.

Google uses micro-learning to nudge managers to take action on their behaviour. Analysis showed that Google managers who received an email lesson improved on their behaviour in the next survey by 22-40 percentage points versus a control group. Now Google uses micro learning as a standard practise for learning & development.

While it is easy to conduct trainings, it is incredibly difficult to ensure that people retain and effectively use what they have learnt – especially if it is related to behaviour – based changes. We did our research on our 150,000 participants. 70% of them have cited that the effectiveness of the program would be based on how well they integrate it back at workplace. Most of them would cite difficulties in using the concepts when they go back to the workplace due to daily pressures and tasks. A gentle nudge which inspires, tells you how to bring the concept to life – can make all the difference. For instance, to improve learning agility – a small nudge asking the recipient to try not to give counter-arguments for one day. Instead, only ask counter-questions and find out new insights that they can come up with.

At Able Ventures, we have started providing micro-learning bytes with every assessment & training that you sign up with us. It is a gentle nudge that urges the recipient to use a tip or a tool they might have learnt in the assessment or training session. We call it ‘Nudge Nugget’. Its sure to bring in the change you want to see in your team. We are giving out four ‘nudge nuggets’ (per participant) for all of you who choose to sign up with us before the end of July 2018.  This is valid only for assessments and trainings.

Our extensive research and insights can help you get more out of your team. Choose us as your HR consulting partner. Our mission is to help realise human potential and we achieve this by “engineering people experience” Write to to know more.