Here we are … back with a bang .. right in the middle of the year…

Well, we  took a break from writing, from saying, from stating our views. It was a much needed breath of fresh air that we needed.

It all started in the month of March – when I stepped into my friend’s home in Bengaluru  – I was amazed at the transformation;

A traditionally cluttered house since 2007 – I would usually search for a small space to sit on the sofa ( since it was filled with knick-knacks), find ten thousand spoons when all I needed was a knife in the kitchen and the list goes on;

Fast forward to March 2019 –  – the sofas were empty – waiting for someone to sit on them, no clutter – no paper trail of the food ordered last night, no beds to be made – I  was shocked to see the transformation – everything in it’s place and a place for everything

When I looked at her quizzingly ; here’s what she quoted –  â€œ if you want something new, you have to stop doing something old”

Most often we get used to doing the same things, following the same routines, making the same mistakes, experiencing the same kind of successes – are we limiting our potential by sticking to our old habits, by not changing our point of view , by not reflecting enough about where we are heading.

It was a brutally gentle nudge to do some “naval gazing”

I remembered the trees – that let go of their flowers , their most beautiful creations , just so they can create more next season….

Easier said than done – introspection is a trap – so deep that one can ruminate all one’s life and still not reach any conclusion….

So we did something easier – we put in all our effort to answer the question” what” – what would our readers like to read , what are the challenges that our readers face, what are the insights that will help our readers.

We introspected, reflected, assimilated – we tried to understand the vagaries of  human psychology, the turmoils of the new age leader, the multiple ways of dealing with today’s people challenges and of course, we tried to understand what our readers wanted to know more about – in short ” we listened”

We did figure some answers – more on that in our next blog.

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We have also revamped our blog page – we have been hard at work ! Do let us know what you think – share it with your friends.

PS: Thank you to the 30 new corporates who have signed up with us in the past 3 months ! We are so happy you have entrusted your teams with us – we will strive to exceed your expectations.


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