Yesterday was a day of many ‘firsts’ for us. Our first program with Bombay Chamber of Commerce and Industry, our first program for the year 2019. But the biggest first was to have our youngest learners in our program – Mrs. & Mr. Dalal – 78 years young and filled with curiosity and enthusiasm about how to deal with millennials.

Let’s admit it – most of us dream of retirement in the next 10 years. We were in for a surprise when these two amazing individuals walked in to understand and learn about dealing with millennials
Their enthusiasm for learning and their questions kept the entire session lively and each one of us felt more enriched because of their participation.
Age is but a number in our mind.
Learning should be lifelong.
Here’s a toast to Mrs. And Mr. Dalal and their attitude of being learners first.
Most of us feel that we have been there and done that when it comes to training programs. But this couple taught us that learning never ends; every training program can help you unlearn and learn something new.
For instance, you might have done hundreds of appraisals in the past. Yet few of us can claim to be experts in human psychology when it comes to giving feedback. And that’s the reason why you might want to enroll for our program on Performance Appraisal and Feedback.
It is time to get in a fresh perspective.

They say “never say never”