Raghu : Which is stronger – Our Head or the Heart ?

Veer : So Heart = Emotions , Feelings, Intuition and Head = rational ,  logical , reasoning ?

Raghu : Yes…

Veer : Think of the Head as the Rider & Heart as the Horse . The Horse is many times stronger than the rider but Rider controls the Horse & shows the  path to be taken 

Raghu: So does the Rider ever listen to the Horse ?

Veer : Hmmm …Imagine the Rider is going towards a steep cliff and continues not thinking of the danger of falling off …What do you think the Horse will do ?

Raghu : Definitely go away from that danger …

Veer : So those are the times when the Rider listens to the horse 

Heart and head – one needs to know when to use what !

What do you think ? How do you think it relates to organisations?