Gig, a new age economy.

Yadavji is a driver with Uber but has a routine of doing farming in his village 4 months a year.

Jayaram is a techie having a flexible on-demand job as an IT consultant working remotely from Khajipet. 

Aditi is a freelancer working on content writing projects for a Delhi MNC.

Renu has moved to her hometown selling SIM cards and marketing handicrafts. 

Are you familiar with such people?

Gig Economy – The Future of Work

Earn a living by living the life you want.

They are all part of the GIG economy – a trend that involves outsourcing of work with temp resources – accelerated by COVID-19 across the world.

There is a lot of good , bad and ugly about this trend.

Flexibility of work hours, better work-life balance, freedom to choose might be a few good reasons made possible due to technology, globalization & eroding employee-employer relations.

And the con is it encourages an individual-based work culture. It does not bind them to any company , letting go of good working conditions which otherwise are bound for permanent employees.

This helps companies make more profits by getting work done for cheaper rates. 

What do you think should be the value proposition of corporate to these giggers ?