Band-aids have always fascinated me .
A wound hurts lesser and seems to heal faster with a band-aid on. As a kid – I used to have one all the time and now I see my daughters wanting to put it on for the smallest of hurts. Its like an instant pain-reliever – the hurt seems ever so little now that it is safely covered by a band-aid.
Band-aid signifies machoism, that I have fallen many times, that I can take care of myself.
Crutch on the other hand is also used to help in healing wounds.
Crutch however signifies a difficult period in my life, that I need support and that I need strength for a longer period
Each has its own context.
A band aid for a gaping would won’t work ; nor will a crutch for a small hurt.
The question is – are we capable enough to know which one to use where … sounds common sensical but many managers miss the woods for the trees.
Most performance appraisal discussions are brushed under the carpet – a band-aid is used where strength support is needed. Managers undermine these discussions and treat it as yet another HR process.
Perhaps its time – for us to look at each discussion and analyse what the team member needs – is it a gaping problem – needing long term support or is it a quick fix issue which you can help with.
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