ISRO & Chandrayaan 2 have been in the news for all the wrong reasons. With the video of PM Modi and ISRO Chairman going viral, after a long time or if my memory serves me right – for the first time in forever – we celebrated failure.

ISRO website claims that Chandrayaan 2 was launched based on decades of scientific research and except for the communication with “Vikram” – the mission accomplished 90-95% of the objectives.

As of June 2019, ISRO spent Rs. 978 crores on Chandrayaan 2. The preliminary configuration of the lander was completed in 2013 and several latest technologies were used including Lander hazard detection camera and Lander position detection camera. ISRO created roughly 10 craters in the Chitradurg district of Karnataka, to help assess the ability of the lander’s sensors to select a landing site.

The launch, the trajectory – all seemed right, but the landing was not perfect. And we as a nation stood by.

And so, it is with our careers and lives. Inspite of our academics, our past roles & expertise – sometimes – things don’t go as planned. Managing our career and our lives – seems far from the perfect “landing” we had imagined and planned. Our family in most cases, stands by us.

But what should one do?

Our careers – should be treated as a journey and not a destination.

It is a fact that most of us in our 30s & 40s – go through a career crisis – either self – inflicted or forced. And yet, we continue to surrender ourselves to the “ostrich syndrome”

A good place to start would be to run a health check (not just the medical one:)) This will ensure that the career journey is smooth and the landing in the future is perfect.

A comprehensive career health check must include a reflection on some areas like:

  1. Purpose, aspirations & ambitions
  2. Interests
  3. SWOT
  4. Financial security
  5. Family – responsibilities & role
  6. Self – development
  7. Network
  8. Changes / development in your industry that might affect your career

You can do this yourself (write to us for a free format) or take the guidance of a coach

Such annual career health checks would definitely reduce the probability of a bad landing.  After all – managing a career is not rocket science!

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