There was a businessman in debt to a loan-shark.

The old loan-shark. fancied a businessman’s daughter. 

He gave a deal to the man to wipe off his loan. 

The loan-shark said, “I’ll put two pebbles in a bag, one

white and another black. If your daughter picks a black 

pebble I’ll marry her and wipe off the debt & if she picks 

white I’ll wipe off the debt without marrying her.”

In disgust both agreed to this.

The loan-shark standing on the stone path bent and picked 

two pebbles, whilst he was picking them the daughter saw

that he had picked both black.

This left the girl with 3 options, she could

-Refuse to pick the pebble 

-Expose loan-shark. for cheating 

-Sacrifice and pick a pebble

The daughter decided to pick the pebble. 

The loan-shark had a naughty smile on his face.

The daughter picked the pebble, however before looking 

“accidentally” dropped it among other pebbles on the path.

The daughter said,

“No worries , you can look at the other pebble to decide

which one I picked.”

Knowing the other pebble is black he had

 to play along and wipe off the debt without getting to marry

the girl.

All of us are confronted with tough problems everyday which

require an ‘out of box’ solution

Tell us about one you solved recently ? 

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