After we finished dinner, at one of our favourite restaurants, we asked for the bill to be paid. Our manager – let’s call him Jolly – since he is usually a cheerful fellow, came along after a couple of reminders, dragging his feet. One look at Jolly’s face, and I knew that there was something terribly wrong. We couldn’t help but ask him about the millstone he was hanging around his neck. Jolly was engaged and hoping to get married soon. Turns out, his fiancé stated a condition that he must move to her parents’ house once they marry. The man that he was, he couldn’t digest the thought itself and broke off his engagement.

And that got me thinking. Till then we were debating why we need to celebrate Women’s day and we were vociferously arguing against this celebration. Can a day of celebration take away 364 days of oppression and subjugation?

If Jolly fiancé’ can stay with her in-laws, vice versa should be also seen as a normal practice. And this non – acceptance is rooted in our beliefs, in our values – just like Jolly’s.

Women’s day then, is not just a celebration – it is a reminder that we are equal. Our self-beliefs as women, our will on what we can and what we won’t do, our confidence in our rights – that’s what the women’s day is all about. Though started in 1914 for an equal world, we are still far away from it. Till the day Jolly, you, me and all of us start looking at women as equals, with equal rights, thoughts, views, strength, courage, needs we will need to continue this celebration.

And the day we believe that we are equal but not similar – that’s the day we can stop celebrating Women’s day.

We have put together few of our women centric programs that you can organize for your team. If you lack the quorum let us know and we will be happy share the details of the open program.

Happy Women’s Day. Let us continue the celebration & the awareness!