“ Can you tell me who amongst the candidates is prone to indiscipline ? “ 

“ So many resumes, I wish I could filter all at the press of a button” 

“ There is a meeting tomorrow can you crunch some quick insights on our employees beyond the usual metrics “ 

“ Can you tell me the mood in the organization and who are likely to quit ? “ 

“ How do I get an ROI of this training program “ 

All these questions, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can solve it all ! 

But “AI in HR” seems almost like a contradiction but I see more used cases now than ever before !


In recruitment it can help analyze  job applications in the first round, thus shortlisting applications for the next round. 

In talent acquisition, it can ensure fool-proof hiring understanding traits like indiscipline , integrity etc through AI platforms. 

Conversational AI can resolve new employees’ queries  providing contact details of people they should connect with AI can also help analyze and predict the needs of employees, and help plan, organize and coordinate training programs. 

Using AI, HR managers can quickly design feedback surveys, reward systems, and  engagement programs.

How has AI changed your HR landscape ?

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