Gaming is a hot new trend and Game Based Assessments is leading the wave of change in psychometrics. Let me tell you why :

  1. Most established psychometrics that you may have taken in the past were designed way back during the second world war. Human brains have evolved but the tests have remained the same. There is a reason why the competitive exams like IITJEE , PMT etc. become tougher by the year. And the reason is calledFlynn effect. Research has shown that the average intelligence of humans in every decade rises by 5-25%. Haven’t we noticed it – when we see our children grasping complex concepts faster than we did when we were their age. The maximum increase in intelligence has been noticed in the past couple of decades in Asia. Many of these tests were designed during or after World War – II and very few have since then been updated for making them relevant.Human brains are evolving but sadly our psychometrics haven’t.
  2. Its time to use scientific evidence to validate psychometric data points. Our Game based assessments capture 20 times more data then a normal psychometric test. Our app based game captures 3000 data points in 20 minutes of play while a normal psychometric captures only 150 datapoint in the same time.
  3. Candidates cannot lie or fake in our tests. The game is designed in such a way that a person’s natural instinct is displayed clearly irrespective of what he might want to project to create an impression.
  4. Overcome the language barrier– The current set of psychometrics are designed in english and hence assume that the candidate is comfortable in the language. But all jobs are not designed in this manner. Our game based assessment needs very little proficiency in english language and hence creates an objective equaliser for all candidates.

Game Based Assessments are changing the way organizations hire and retain talent. If you need any help in convincing your decision makers to try out this innovative approach, write to me at and I shall be happy to assist you