Able Ventures has become known for its customized classroom based and outbound workshops for Trainings and Assessments. Our customized training programs are aligned with the larger goals of the organization while ensuring specific needs of the trainees.

Our Flagship Programs

We offer services to both develop content as well as deliver training across all levels. We also develop and conduct trainings in functional areas of finance and IT.


This is our customized program on Selling Skills. It stands for – Explore, Pitch, Seal – Build, Excel, Track. This workshop will help participants understand their current selling skills, enable awareness of gaps in their sales approach and build selling capabilities.

It outlines the 5 P’s of the Selling Process – Plan, Prospect, Pitch, Persuade to Close and Personalize to build the relationship.

Personal Effectiveness

This workshop will help participants to understand themselves and the day-to-day choices they make
that impact their accomplishments and interactions with others, acquire skills for improving confidence, team building and communication and achieve goals that will result in growth, change and increased effectiveness.

It covers Setting and Achieving Goals, Effective Communication, Handling Conflicts, Action Planning and Developing Self Confidence, Self-Motivation and Initiative.

Communication & Negotiation Skills

People negotiate every day. It may be with customers, vendors, colleagues, a boss, or employees. Whether it’s allocating resources for a project, funding a new initiative, or agreeing on who will take on specific tasks, negotiation is at the heart of the process. This hands-on workshop offers a step-by-step guide to effective negotiation and communication skills.

Building Cultural Capabilities

The core objective of this workshop is to ensure that participants are able to understand and align themselves to the identified cultural capabilities of their organizations

PACE your A’s

This is our Leadership training exclusively designed for potential leaders in an organization. This workshop focuses on helping participants identify and develop their leadership styles, manage teams better, enable their teams to align with the organization’s objective and achieve results while developing high performance teams.

Persuade to Influence

This program will help participants understand why people say “Yes” and learn how to apply this
understanding, learn the principles of persuasion to produce lasting change, learn to avoid common influence traps, create and maintain trusted relationships, how to avoid bungling away critical “moments of power” and interactively show how small, strategic changes can yield lasting results.

This program will be useful for salespeople, relationship managers, HR managers, recruiters, advertisers, marketers and anybody who manages a team or needs to influence others to achieve his / her goals.

Customer Service excellence – Level 1 & 2

This program will equip customer service managers with requisite skills to manage and deliver proactive customer service, improve customer satisfaction, refresh the basics of effective customer service and learn how to manage difficult and irate customers. This program is useful for frontline officers who deal directly with customers.

Customer Service Excellence – Level 2 – This program is specially designed for managers who lead teams of customer service professionals. It aims to help participants develop skills in the areas of customer service for business growth, building a culture of customer focus and service excellence while concentrating on building customer loyalty.

Benefits of engaging with us:

  • High – Impact training with a clear business focus
  • Linkage of training to business performance
  • Experiential programs blending all learning styles
  • Cost – effective way to increase workforce efficiency