Here’s an interesting story I came across. 

Long long ago, there was a brave king. At a young age, he learnt military strategy, archery etc and he also took care to be extremely fit and healthy. He was also concerned about his subjects & did everything possible to protect his people. 

Along with his brave soldiers, he fought and won many battles against his enemies. After many years, the kingdom was attacked by a very strong army. During this tough battle, while many soldiers died -the King also fought long and hard. They won the battle after many months, but alas the king was wounded very badly. He lost his left eye and left leg.

After winning the battle, the people of the kingdom wanted to honour the King. They decided to have his picture painted by the finest artist in the world. Many painters were invited but all of them refused. 

The problem was that they did not know how to paint the King to look majestic – especially since he had now lost an eye & a leg. 

No one wanted to paint a bad picture of the king. Their career would come to an end and worse – they might get arrested. 

After a long search, one painter took on the problem of painting the brave King’s portrait. 

The question is – How did the painter solve this problem?

While all of us wish someone else solves our problem, some of us do stand up and solve problems. We raise our hands and say “yes I can do it” – Who are these people and what mindset do they operate from.

Interestingly, when we did a search on Google and Naukri – we found that 99% of job descriptions/ vacancies in this world need people who have problem solving skills. 

Unfortunately – we have all been taught ‘what’ to think but not ‘how’ to think

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PS: If you have managed to figure how the painter solves the problem of the Brave King’s portrait – do write in to me – I am curious ; in case you haven’t – better to write in – so I can help you figure this out. Write at

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